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Ugandan Babe Gets To The Bottom of The Story

This article was originally going to be about anal sex in Uganda, but whilst researching the subject we stumbled across another very interesting story. If you ever visit Uganda you should be aware that anal sex is illegal. Now this isn’t just gay sex we are talking about, even anal between man and wife is illegal. We actually clarified this with a local female Ugandan citizen and she confirmed that popping a dildo in your lovers bottom or even a bit of tongue action down there will get you in trouble. So steer clear of any asses in Uganda. An unenforceable law you would think ? Well, you have to be careful. This brings us onto our main feature, the story of a woman called Shanita Namuyimba and a British businessman called David Greenhalgh. Shanita had been an escort girl for 5 years in the Kawempe area just north of Kampala. In 2009 she came south and met Greenhalgh on the Speke Road in Central Kampala. There is a conflicting version of events that says they were introduced by a Portuguese business friend. Shanita has been some what unimaginatively nick named “Bad Black“, however her ass is well bad, in other words she is packing some booty.

Shanita Namuyimba and David Greenhalgh

Shanita Namuyimba and David Greenhalgh

Greenhalgh and Namuyimba became lovers, I guess you could say she was his mistress, as he had a wife in the UK. Together they decided to set up a company in Uganda called Daveshan Development, a property business. Greenhalgh came back to the UK and left Shanita to run things in Kampala. He sent money to the company, some 11 Billion Ugandan shillings which is approximately £3 Million. When he returned to Kampala in November 2010 to check on things there wasn’t a great deal of money left and not a lot to show for it (putting it diplomatically).

Shanita Namuyimba

Shanita Namuyimba

This brings us onto the recent court case where Shanita was accused of embezzling money from the company. Indeed there is little doubt that she spent a lot of cash on clothes, parties, cars and lovers. Most of Kampala witnessed it. However in her defence she said that the company was never intended to be a real business and was just a front for Greenhalgh to get money to her and he got jealous and bitter after finding out about her other lovers. Shanita was sentenced to 4 years in jail although she’ll probably be out in no more than 2 years and maybe even less as she has recently given birth. David Greenhalgh however is not a happy man, the prospect of having his money refunded was ruled out because he did not use due diligence in selecting development partners for his Ugandan business but opted to trust an escort with all the money for business purposes.

So what has this to do with anal sex, well at one of the many court hearings Shanita described the nature of her relationship with Greenhalgh in very explicit detail, including acts of anal sex which of course is illegal in Uganda. So Greenhalgh may be in a bit of bother for that too although given the nature of the whole episode it is unlikely. But you can imagine an unwitting foreign traveler succumbing to the ebony charms of a busty urban babe in downtown Kampala, enjoying the wonders of a black booty and then promptly being handed a copy of Ugandan law and a blackmail note for a few hundred thousand shillings. So watch out in Uganda. We’d also like to nominate Shanita Namuyimba as the official Urban Ass of Uganda.

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Smooth Black Skinned Mombasa Beauty

Marisa is the reason we all love hot chocolate beauties. She hails from Mombasa in Kenya and looks after her skin well. Black babes that take care of their skin are the hottest indeed, waxed and oiled up these ebony stunners will drive you wild with passion. Marisa’s skin is completely hairless, smooth and shiny and the light just glistens off her smooth tight ebony bubble butt. She has a very firm black ass that she loves to be slapped. You could dream of sliding your hard cock between her butt cheeks and shooting your load there and then.

Black Ass Babe

Mombasa Black Ass

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Black Ass Detroit Stripper

Do you like the hot black ass on this stripper ? Fucking hot, her names Shakira and she’s a stripper in Detroit. She’s a damn horny fuck too, we did a few video shoots with her that you can see in High Definition. But she’s literally a nymphomaniac, gagging for sex. One time we jumped in the shower and were soaping each other up, my cock was rock hard, she was soaping it, I placed my hands under her arms and squeezed her tits rubbing my stiff dick into her hot black ass. I started sliding it into her ass crack and under her crotch, it was so soapy it just slid straight up her hot ebony cunt. That was it, we were fucking like rabbits in that shower, didn’t care about condoms or nothing. Fantastic sex, we’ve been going at it bare back ever since.

Ebony Culo

Black Ass

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Naked Black Woman Flashes Her Pussy Outdoors

We love shooting Sierra Catalia and today was a special day, one of those rare days. An outdoor shoot, the weather was actually great, warm and sunny, the location was perfect, a wide open area with plenty of small grassy spots part secluded, making it easy for Sierra to strip naked outdoors and reveal her sexy ebony ass. We treated it as a day out, walking the route and if we found a suitable area Sierra would strip off for a few photos and we also managed a couple of fantastic outdoor videos. Sierra is so great to shoot as she is very sensual and really knows how to tease the camera. I know that if my cock is standing to attention then the viewers of her videos will be very horny too. These HD movies look great as Sierra lays naked, her lovely black skin glistening in the sunlight as she spreads her legs wide open and fucks her pussy with various sex toys – VISIT SIERRA CATALIAS OUTDOOR GALLERY HERE

Naked Black Woman

Sierra Catalia Nude

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French Black Model Sierra Spreads Her Pink Pussy

It was a humid day in July when we shot the stunning French ebony porn model Sierra Catalia. She was waiting outside the hotel in a skimpy white, practically see through dress and her trademark Mohican haircut was certainly making a few heads turn. We went upto the room and began the first video shoot, all in high definition of course. Sierra was wearing a gingham bra and sexy black lace panties. The video lasted a good 20 minutes as the sensuous black model with the sexy ebony ass slowly stripped from her lingerie and writhed all over the bed. Finally producing a ribbed glass sex toy that she very slowly fucked her tight, pink and perfectly smooth pussy with. What an incredibly sexy model to have to shoot, my cock was raging hard at the end of it. Fortunately I could go home and watch the HD videos that I had just shot.

Black Booty European Hottie

Ebony Ass French Model

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Lexxi Brown Whips You Into Shape

Ebony Mistress, dominatrix and fine looking model describes herself as “The Perfect Powerful Divine Ebony Goddess“. We wouldn’t argue with that, in fact we daren’t. This fine specimen of ebony womanhood has a 36DD bust and is based in Canada, between Quebec City and Montreal. Lexxi Brown is a regular model available for classic, fetish, artistic, glamour and most kinds of modeling and is open to discuss any work proposal even though she might turn down certain offers that she considers unattractive on a personal level.

Lexxi Brown also offers ebony domination services where you will be her sub and worship your Mistress. She is also looking for slaves and those wishing to be pay pigs. Her birthday is January 3rd so if you want to really please the Mistress you pay pigs had better supply her with some serious cash for that day. You can get all the details of her domination services, photos, video clips and lots more on her website.

Lexxi Brown

Lexxi Brown

Ebony Model

Ebony Model

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