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Amber Fox Rocks Mens Cocks

Excuse the rhyming title but I went a little crazy after seeing the awesome Amber Fox. This black centerfold model is perfection personified. She is a perfect example of why we worship black women here. Big black natural tits, beautifully shaped and still maintaining their firmness. Fantastic black booty that you just want to sink your teeth into and finally a big pair of lipsticked pouty ebony cock sucking lips. Amber Fox was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 18th 1983. She sports a mouth watering 36DD-24-34 ebony glamour model figure.

Amber has been featured in almost every major mens magazine, notably, King Magazine, Black Men’s, Smooth Magazine, Show Magazine, and she’s done the cover and a feature for Hush Magazine. She has also worked numerous times with Playboy TV (can Hugh get any luckier ?) and has been featured on playboy.com. She ran her own modeling company called FoxDen Talent. One of the websites she has appeared on is Action Girls. This is an incredible site full of busty and bootyful ladies running around half naked in action scenarios, like you’d see at the movies.

Busty Black Amber Fox

Amber Fox Big Tits


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Florita Do Brazil Amazonian MILF

Brazil is in the ascendency, with the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 this huge South American country plays host to not only two of the worlds biggest sporting events but also a vast number of black and latina women with figures that will make you drool. It must be something they put in the Amazon because I’ve just discovered Florita Do Brazil. So called because of her Mocha skin. Florita was born in Para, an African region within the rainforests of Amazonia.

Her tropical heritage is of mixed Caribbean and Latin ancestry. Florita grew up in Surinam and moved to Europe to study. She only started modeling in 2010 when she launched her website floritadobrasil.com full of stunning photos and explicit videos of Florita pleasuring herself with lots of sex toys both indoors and outdoors in some stunning locations. This is a fantastic website that really shows what Brazil has to offer to anyone traveling there for the two big sporting events. But, what is really amazing is that Florita at the time of writing this review is 48 years old !!!


Florita Do Brazil

Florita Do Brazil

Florita Do Brazil

Florita Do Brazil

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Roxi Monique Brazilian Booty Girl

Check out the ass on Roxi Monique, she’s from the UK and is a mix of Brazilian and British. Standing at only 4′ 10″ she makes us get very hard with that amazing booty she carries around. She’s also available as an escort, offering incall in Swindon and outcall across the whole UK. She spends a lot of time in Surrey with her girlfriend who actually has a cock.

Yes her girlfriend is non other than TS Liberty Harkness. Roxi is featured on Libbys own website where she gives her a good bareback fucking with her well hung tgirl cock. This is quite a unique scene actually, a genuine girl/TS couple fucking for real……Here’s an update to this post, Roxi Monique debuts at Killergram – More Details Here

Brazilian Booty Girl

Roxi Monique

Tranny Sex

Roxi Monique

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Sex With Black Women Is Amazing

I was in a long term relationship with a white woman. Things were kind of on the fence, we were having a lot of sex but it was always the same. Same routine 3 or 4 times a day. She was a dirty slag but everything was just the same. I wanted somebody else to talk sexy with and possibly meet, something a bit different. I decided to join an internet adult dating site, Interracial Dating A website just for meeting black women, I had never ever fucked a black girl in my entire life. I’d joined plenty of good ebony porn sites but had never actually stuck my cock into one of those smooth pink pussies that you see getting fucked in black porn movies. I got to talk to one milf during the first week on it. Then I saw Shakira’s page, gorgeous body. I immediately emailed her and asked “Looking for sex, with no drama?” She liked the no drama part when she emailed me back that night. I sent her my phone number. We chatted for a few days via text. She sent me a load of pictures.

The first picture was of her face and one tit with cum all over her face. I got the picture at work and immediately went for a bathroom break. We also talked about our sex lives and how they could be better. She was getting it alot. I wanted to get in on that action and scheduled a fuck date. Picking a good night to get away from my girlfriend, I went over to Shakira’s apartment. I had a feeling she might be an escort but I didn’t really care so long as I could get some black pussy action for free. I had trouble finding the apartment. I was supposed to walk in on her when she was showering but it turned into her flagging me down on the main road. She is 5′ 7″ with the best black tits I have ever got to touch. I kissed her on the cheek as we were walking up to her apartment. Once inside I kissed her more. She knew I was super excited and led me to her bedroom. She started to strip and asked if I wanted to shower with her. Of course I did. Watching her strip got my cock so hard, seeing her bend over with that thong on I thought I was going to cum without touching her. I followed her to the bathroom, groping her ebony ass and African tits. Admiring her gorgeous dark skin.

Fuck Black Girls

Black Woman Fucking

She bent over to turn on the water and I rubbed my dick along her ass crack. She got in and we started kissing some more and fondling. She grabbed my cock and thirty seconds later I was cumming on her stomach. Embarrasing, but luckily I am multiorgasmic because I then bent her over in the shower and fucked her to another orgasm. Her constant moaning and round black ass set me off. We got out of the shower and went to the bedroom again. I was semi hard and she immediately took me into her hot mouth. As she was laying on the bed, I fingered her and sucked her black tits as she sucked me making me hard. After five to ten minutes of slow fucking her, I flipped her over started to lick her ebony pussy and ass. She liked it but I had to stop because I dont like the taste of my own spunk.

She was on her knees on the bed and I shoved my cock back into her. Got a few more minutes of good fucking and had to cum again. Her ebony pussy was so tight and I swear I dropped a ounce or two of spunk into her that night.I got up and looked at my phone and answered the girlfriends pointless text. I asked Shakira if I could shower and she allowed me. After a quick rinse, I went to her living room and she was in her robe with a satisfied look on her face. She was answering a message from another fuck buddy. I got dressed and went to kiss her goodbye. Well the goodbye kiss turned into another blowjob. She is still the one of two girls to take my entire length into her mouth and not gag. I pulled up her robe and fingered her for a second before getting on the floor between her and fucking her to another orgasm. Now it was time for the kiss goodbye. I fucked my girlfriend that night but was only thinking about my ebony fuck buddy Shakira.


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African Booty Babe Ebony Tigress Ultimate Seduction

Earlier this year I decided to venture into Southern Africa and visited Luanda in Angola. I stayed at the Talatona Convention hotel, a very plush 5 star hotel. I was hoping to go into the suburbs and see if I could find any sexy local African babes with big butts to video. But even before I left the hotel, whilst in the bar having a drink a very well spoken, stunning ebony beauty came and sat next to me and asked what all the camera gear was for. She thought I was maybe a wildlife videographer. I explained that, well she wasn’t that far wrong actually and told her about Ebony Culo.

She stood up and pulled her dress tight around her big black ass and whispered….. “will this suffice ?” Well, within 30 minutes we were back in my hotel room, camera gear setup and she was being all seductive on the bed, as you’ll see here in this Ebony Tigress Video Clip. She was very coy about herself but explained that she was a genuine African Princess whose father was very wealthy. I never actually caught her native African name but she said it mean’t “Lion”. She was called this as she had a reputation for being a man eater. I’ve changed her name here to Ebony Tigress as I think it sounds sexier. We shot some very sexy non explicit HD videos. Tigress has a magnificent big black African Ass that will drive you crazy and it’s true, her quiet sexy voice could seduce even the most hardened of game hunters.

Black African Booty

Ebony Tigress


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Lacey Banghard Celebrity Big Brother

Well it’s that time of year again, the winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother. This years totty is a top heavy cutie called Lacey Banghard, yes I kid you not, that is actually her real name. We’re not sure if she does “bang hard” but have no doubt we’d like to “bang her hard” ! She follows in the footsteps of Tashie Jackson, Danica Thrall and Rhian Sugden. We’ve also noticed a striking facial similarity to Tashie Jackson, lets hope she doesn’t cry as much and lasts a bit longer in the house.

She doesn’t have Tashie’s amazing bottom but certainly makes up for it in the boob department, carrying a beautiful 36GG set of tits. Standing at just 5′ 1″ with her 36GG-25-30 figure Lacey was born in 1992 and is a mix of Indian and British. She won The Suns Page 3 Idol competition in 2011. Just a few months after that she was photographed and videod on the beach in Cyprus by U GOT IT FLAUNT IT. Go check out that website and watch the candid footage of Lacey Banghard.

Lacey Banghard

Lacey Banghard

Lacey Banghard

Lacey Banghard


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