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Ebony Pornstar Lori Alexia Murdered

I feel bad writing this so late, two years late infact. But we’ve featured Lori Alexia on our website for about the last 5 years and I only just found out that she was murdered in 2011 by her scumbag, so called “boyfriend” Woody Borgella. Well we never said this was an impartial porn blog so fuck you Woody Borgella. I hope you never get released, but if you do you’ll be about 80 with no dick and a sore ass.

Just think of that 50 years you lost out on fucking hot booty. Anyway I’ve wasted enough words on that piece of shit. I’ve been involved in adult for 15 years and while I didn’t know Lori or ever met her it’s always shocking when you get news like this. Lori was also known as Penna Piererra, after she left the adult world to pursue a music career. Originating from Barbados she was born on March 2nd 1980 and sadly passed away on September 19th 2011.

RIP Lori, you were hot in adult and hotter outside of it.

Lori Alexia

Lori Alexia

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Tiara Harris Ebony Culo Extraordinaire

Tiara 4 Ever has an ebony culo that you will love forever. Tiara Kristen Harris was born in 1996, she’s 18 years old right ? Wrong ! strike that, guess what, she was born on July 6th 1976 !! Yet another example of why black is best. Check out this gallery of Tiara in a red hot sexy dress that really shows off her ebony booty and strong muscular thighs. Tiara spent most of her childhood travelling as her father was in the military.

She spent time in Europe, Washington and Atlanta. Tiara was actually tricked into modeling by a friend who took her to a fashion show rehearsal. Friend, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts !! Tiara has featured in many glossy magazines and music videos and currently runs her own website full of hot videos and photos which you can visit by clicking here.

She has also just released a stunning video called EVOLUTION which retails at $24.95 but if you join her website you can purchase it at a significant discount.

Tiara Harris Ebony Booty

Tiara 4 Ever


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Chocolate MILF Nyomi Banxxx

Nyomi Banxxx is one super hot ebony MILF, although looking at her you wouldn’t think she was a MILF. That’s why we love black women so much because they age incredibly well, it’s very difficult to guess a black womans real age. Nyomi was born in Chicago, Illinois on 14th October 1972. She’s starred in over 180 porn movies and in 2009 won the Urban X Award for Best MILF Performer.

You can see from this photo how incredibly hot she looks, Nyomi Banxxx definately has all the physical attributes you’d expect from a sexy ebony babe. Some of her movie titles include “Hardcore”, “Dominatrix”, “Nyomis Diary” and “Bad Black Mothers on White Teens”, you can view these movies at Ebony Porn Videos.

However Nyomi also has her very own website where you can see thousands of high quality black MILF photos and black sex porn movies featuring Nyomi Banxxx – CLICK HERE TO VISIT NYOMI BANXXX WEBSITE

Ebony MILF

Nyomi Banxxx


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Alyssa Divine Oily Killergram Fuck

Do you know about the British pornsite Killergram. Well, you should go check them out at Killergram.com. They upload a brand new HD video every single day and they feature more British girls getting a good fucking than any other website. We are really excited about this Sunday because that update features Alyssa Divine.

A British ebony porn actress who looks like she’s going to get a good oily fuck if the video clip below is anything to go by. Born in 1990 with a sexy slim figure of 30F-26-32 we can’t wait to see Alyssa get a face full of cum.


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Best Latina Booty Shaking Video

Let me start by telling you how much I love the Latina female. I feel the most primal urges everytime I see a curvaceous round booty walking down the street or shaking itself on a video site, I swear I lose control. They have the tastiest complexions, from milky white, to dulce de leche caramel, to milk chocolate brown with the enticing Spanish accent to top it off.

Not to mention the fact that my first time eating pussy, it was with a juicy Colombian girlfriend of mine who squirted the sweetest juices heavily in my mouth to enjoy, so I’ve always assumed Spanish girls pussy just taste so good.

This girl was shaking her booty at me in her tight short jeans, I sidled over to her and slowly started pulling her shorts down, moving down her body to the music until I was on my knees and she was shaking her bare ass in my face and rubbing her smooth pussy onto my out stretched tongue.


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Naked Ebony Sports Girl Spreads Pussy Wide

One of our guys in Zurich tipped us off this summer about a new black girl he’d seen dancing in one of the night clubs in downtown Zurich. So we wasted no time in flying over and checking out African Alexis. She’s from Mozambique and was in Zurich earning good money stripping and escorting. Back home in Africa though she is actually a fully trained female boxer. She visits the gym every day and goes through a strenuous routine that really stretches her black African muscles and the sweat just pours down her smooth black skin, running over her erect ebony nipples and cascading down to her black butt cheeks finally dripping onto her ebony ass hole. Completely smoothly shaven down below, when African Alexis works out she becomes a glistening ebony mirage of sweat. After a lovely cooling down shower she posed for a great set of images which you can see on Ebony Ass.

Ebony Sporty Girl Naked

Naked Black Sports Girl


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