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Ebony Ass Gets Nicely Oiled


I think I first started getting erect at the site of black ass back when I was a youngster watching the athletics on TV. Those American and Jamaican women pounding around the track with their big bubble butts defying gravity and holding firm. Yes, that’s what made me a lover of ebony booty. I’m not gay but even a male smooth black butt would get a feel from me and of course there’s nothing like a black tranny ass. I just adore the smooth blackness of ebony bubble butts, there are no tan lines and they are so smooth. I love licking a firm, smooth black bottom, sticking my tongue right into the crack to cleanse it of any oil and sweat. I love it when black bitches sit on my face and I can feel their black butt cheeks on my face cheeks. But the ultimate pleasure is fucking a black girl from behind and pulling out just before you shoot your load, then spurting that lovely white cum all over her shiny black butt.


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Claudias Big Black Nipples Get Hard

So it’s not like black girls have really nice smooth dark skin and they have big hips and big asses to fuck, oh no they’ve even got great big fuck off chocolate nipples too. I mean when God was designing the female form he really had a good day doing the ebonies. Look at Claudia Price here, she’s got the biggest black nipples in Europe.

The second she was naked at our very first video and photo shoot her chocolate titty toppings were absolutely rock solid and as she popped on the white sexy dress and it brushed against her nipples they were fucking ready to explode.

Hot Black Nipples

Big Black Nipples

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African Ass Booty Shakers

What is is that makes African ass so sexy ? Having studied black butts for many years it is clear that the average black bottom is firmer, rounder and just much meatier than any other type of ass. Black African ass looks better as well because light reflects off the smooth ebony skin and makes it shiny especially when wet. An average white butt just doesn’t look shiny and is often saggy. I make no distinction here between a female black ass a male black butt or a transgender ebony culo.
If your face was placed up close to a smooth African bottom I imagine you would find it hard to guess the sex of the person. Black African asses are very asexual, what I mean by that is that they are usually curvy, firm and meaty regardless of the sex. So if you like asses then finding a sexy African ass is what you need to do. I could watch women booty shaking their black butts all day long. There is nothing hornier than oiling up your dick and sliding it between a sexy black womans tight African butt cheeks.


African Booty Shaker

African Ass


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Lupe Fuentes Latina Hottie

Have you seen this new music video from latest pop sensation “The Ex Girlfriends” ? Now you’re thinking WTF, why am I being goaded into watching an over engineered “Euro Trash” sounding pop ditty. I bet you’re also thinking cummon ? Even I could write a better lyric than…. “We Are The Party Party We Shake It Boom Boom” But stay with me on this cos it’s worth it. The group is fronted by none other than Lupe Fuentes. Lupe is a Colombian born Latina Hottie of epic proportions. Infact you could redefine the phraseLatina Hotties” and just call them “Lupes”.

Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes

Ok so if you’ve never heard of this stunning Latina here’s a bit of a bio. Lupe Fuentes was born Zuleydy Piedrahita on January 27th 1987, so at the time of writing this she’s coming upto her 26th birthday. She was born in Cali, Colombias third biggest city. The proper name for it is Santiago De Cali but it gets shortened to Cali, not to be confused with California. She moved to Madrid when she was young and was brought up there and eventually moved to the USA where in 2010 she signed an exclusive one year contract with Wicked Pictures. There are some HOT Colombian babes around but for the time being Lupe Fuentes is our Official Colombian Urban Ass. She still has her own exclusive adult site that you can join. This is the only website that she has direct input to, get the latest updates news and webcamming sessions at www.ilovelupe.com

Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes


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Fucking Machines 13 Starring Jada Fire

Jada Fire is probably one of my all time favourite black porn stars. She represents everything we love about hot ebony women. Great tits, hot ass and oh boy can she squirt. We’ve known for a long time that black women are far more prolific squirters than their pale counterparts but Jada Fire takes it to a whole new level. See her in this 39 minute movie, Fucking Machines 13. The stunning black Goddess Jada Fire arrives early and decides to experiment with the machines while she waits, it’s a good thing the pussy camera was rolling to catch the cum shot! Once the crew arrives, we suck on her luscious 32DD tits with the suction machine and stand back while she squirts all over our big dongs! She loved getting nailed by the bunny fucker so much we only had time for one other machine, the monster, which she fucks in multiple positions until she is spent and her tight pussy is well fucked.

Jada Fire Gets Fucked

Jada Fire Fucking Machines 13



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Interracial Lesbian Porn

If you love fucking black girls then you can’t go long without eating some black pussy. In this video hot bisexual Lilly is fed up with cock and goes looking to find some sexy ebony babe to lick out at the shopping mall. It’s her lucky day because she comes across three sexy black women with big tits, big asses and even hotter pussies. They are Candace Von, Chyanne Jacobs and Vida Valentine. She tricks them into coming back to her apartment by saying she has some designer clothes that they might like to buy. But on arrival the game is up and Lilly has to confess that she just wanted to meet some sexy black ladies for some hot interracial lesbian sex. The girls get Lilly to strip and show her cute white ass, the three of them then engage in a dirty tongue fucking orgy with Lilly getting licked, fucked and sucked by three hot, busty ebony babes – Seriously horny lesbian interracial porn.

Mixed Race Lesbos

Interracial Lesbians


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