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African Ass Booty Shakers

What is is that makes African ass so sexy ? Having studied black butts for many years it is clear that the average black bottom is firmer, rounder and just much meatier than any other type of ass. Black African ass looks better as well because light reflects off the smooth ebony skin and makes it shiny especially when wet. An average white butt just doesn’t look shiny and is often saggy. I make no distinction here between a female black ass a male black butt or a transgender ebony culo.
If your face was placed up close to a smooth African bottom I imagine you would find it hard to guess the sex of the person. Black African asses are very asexual, what I mean by that is that they are usually curvy, firm and meaty regardless of the sex. So if you like asses then finding a sexy African ass is what you need to do. I could watch women booty shaking their black butts all day long. There is nothing hornier than oiling up your dick and sliding it between a sexy black womans tight African butt cheeks.


African Booty Shaker

African Ass




I agree with this post. African ass is fucking amazing.

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