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African Booty Babe Ebony Tigress Ultimate Seduction

Earlier this year I decided to venture into Southern Africa and visited Luanda in Angola. I stayed at the Talatona Convention hotel, a very plush 5 star hotel. I was hoping to go into the suburbs and see if I could find any sexy local African babes with big butts to video. But even before I left the hotel, whilst in the bar having a drink a very well spoken, stunning ebony beauty came and sat next to me and asked what all the camera gear was for. She thought I was maybe a wildlife videographer. I explained that, well she wasn’t that far wrong actually and told her about Ebony Culo.

She stood up and pulled her dress tight around her big black ass and whispered….. “will this suffice ?” Well, within 30 minutes we were back in my hotel room, camera gear setup and she was being all seductive on the bed, as you’ll see here in this Ebony Tigress Video Clip. She was very coy about herself but explained that she was a genuine African Princess whose father was very wealthy. I never actually caught her native African name but she said it mean’t “Lion”. She was called this as she had a reputation for being a man eater. I’ve changed her name here to Ebony Tigress as I think it sounds sexier. We shot some very sexy non explicit HD videos. Tigress has a magnificent big black African Ass that will drive you crazy and it’s true, her quiet sexy voice could seduce even the most hardened of game hunters.

Black African Booty

Ebony Tigress


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