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Black Ass Detroit Stripper

Do you like the hot black ass on this stripper ? Fucking hot, her names Shakira and she’s a stripper in Detroit. She’s a damn horny fuck too, we did a few video shoots with her that you can see in High Definition. But she’s literally a nymphomaniac, gagging for sex. One time we jumped in the shower and were soaping each other up, my cock was rock hard, she was soaping it, I placed my hands under her arms and squeezed her tits rubbing my stiff dick into her hot black ass. I started sliding it into her ass crack and under her crotch, it was so soapy it just slid straight up her hot ebony cunt. That was it, we were fucking like rabbits in that shower, didn’t care about condoms or nothing. Fantastic sex, we’ve been going at it bare back ever since.

Ebony Culo

Black Ass



Shakiras videos are so fucking hot. Where does she dance ? Will she let me eat her African ass ?

Peter Parker

Mmmmm I think I fucked this girl in New York once !

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