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Cuban Booty Model Katia De Lys

I certainly would like to try and eat the ass of Katia De Lys. Each time I see a hot booty I want to grab it and sink my teeth into it. Katia’s ass is a nice round bubble shape. It’s not a massive booty like you see on some ebony girls but it’s just the right size to get a cheek in each hand, spread her open and stick your tongue right in there. I love to watch Katia get fucked. Particularly in her latest movie that you can see over at Ebony Ass.

Here she is a tutor in a classroom trying to maintain order amongst her college students. However there is one cheeky monkey that she catches reading a porno mag and before long Katia decides that it’s time he had a practical lesson in fucking. She teases him with her round Cuban bubble butt and before long they are at it like rabbits on the classroom floor.

The movie culminates with a lovely cum shot as Katia rubs his cum all over her left breast.

Katia De Lys College Fuck

Katia De Lys


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