Best Latina Booty Shaking Video

Let me start by telling you how much I love the Latina female. I feel the most primal urges everytime I see a curvaceous round booty walking down the street or shaking itself on a video site, I swear I lose control. They have the tastiest complexions, from milky white, to dulce de leche caramel, to milk chocolate brown with the enticing Spanish accent to top it off. Not to mention the fact that my first time eating pussy, it was with a juicy Colombian girlfriend of mine who squirted the sweetest juices heavily in my mouth to enjoy, so I’ve always assumed Spanish girls pussy just taste so good. This girl was shaking her booty at me in her tight short jeans, I sidled over to her and slowly started pulling her shorts down, moving down her body to the music until I was on my knees and she was shaking her bare ass in my face and rubbing her smooth pussy onto my out stretched tongue.

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