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Ebony Pornstar Lori Alexia Murdered

I feel bad writing this so late, two years late infact. But we’ve featured Lori Alexia on our website for about the last 5 years and I only just found out that she was murdered in 2011 by her scumbag, so called “boyfriend” Woody Borgella. Well we never said this was an impartial porn blog so fuck you Woody Borgella. I hope you never get released, but if you do you’ll be about 80 with no dick and a sore ass.

Just think of that 50 years you lost out on fucking hot booty. Anyway I’ve wasted enough words on that piece of shit. I’ve been involved in adult for 15 years and while I didn’t know Lori or ever met her it’s always shocking when you get news like this. Lori was also known as Penna Piererra, after she left the adult world to pursue a music career. Originating from Barbados she was born on March 2nd 1980 and sadly passed away on September 19th 2011.

RIP Lori, you were hot in adult and hotter outside of it.

Lori Alexia

Lori Alexia



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