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Female Ebony Body Builder Mistress Treasure

If you thought you were the type of person that admired black women and their physiques then you will turn to jelly, kneel down and worship the ebony powerhouse that is Mistress Treasure. She is a female body builder, femme domme, muscle worship woman with a body to make you drool. She travels the world teaching men how lame and useless they really are.

She also recently won the heavyweight category at the national body building championships in Florida. Check out the ass and tits, imagine wrestling naked with her covered in oil as she gets you into a headlock with her mighty ebony thighs, a headlock that you are unable to escape from, one that you really don’t want to escape from. You realise that you want to fulfill or explore an ebony fetish or black fantasy, and to serve a black dominant female.

One look at Mistress Treasure and you will see she is not your typical black female domme. She loves being sexy and flaunting her body. Be under no illusions she can and will turn you into her slave… It’s just a matter of how she goes about it. If you want to enter an area that you may not escape from then

Mistress Treasure

Ebony Female Bodybuilder


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