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Cherokee Dass Gets Fucked Real Good

I saw a great porn movie today featuring Cherokee D’Ass. She’s got one huge fucking booty and she loves getting it pumped hard. Cherokee was born in 1976 and resides in Los Angeles. She never intended doing porn but needed some extra cash so started to dance and make films. Anyway this movie I saw is about 30 minutes long and in HD. She gets fucked real good by this guy who is also black and has got a pretty ripped body actually so they make a good team. The sex is frantic as Cherokee really needs his big black cock. She rides his dick and her massive black ass bounces up and down. The booty really is immense. He butt fucks her too. Definately  a fantastic black ass movie.

Cherokee D'Ass

Cherokee D’Ass

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Tashie Jackson Sex Tape

Tashie Jackson is a hip hop video dancer and glamour model from the UK. She appeared in the British version of Big Brother in 2011 and was one of the first housemates to be evicted. She currently engages in sexy phone chat on the Babestation TV show. As you can see from the photo here she does have one of the most incredible backsides we’ve ever seen. Tashie Jackson is quite petite standing at 5′ 5″ and her tight little peachy ass is just waiting to be fucked. Talking of fucking Tashie Jackson, a little while ago a sex video filmed on a mobile phone appeared. It showed Tashie having sex with her then boyfriend, full bareback penetration and cock sucking. It was a very sexy movie although not particularly well shot. If you want to watch it you can go check it out completely free over at Spiff TV.

Tashie Jackson

Tashie Jackson

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Spunky Butt Roxi Monique Debuts At Killergram

Horny little latina Roxi Monique makes her debut at Killergram this week guys, on 30th July 2013. In a very high quality production you can watch her take a massive cock bareback and end up having a ton of spunk sprayed all over her tight little ebony culo. There’s even more good news though because you can also now join Killergram using your Paypal account. Yes that’s no bullshit, Epoch are running a trial in the EU with Paypal so you can now join with a Paypal account but only if you are in the EU at the moment. Hopefully it will be extended to cover the USA soon and we’ll let you know just as soon as we hear anything. So just CLICK THIS SPECIAL PAYPAL LINK to get the Paypal option when you go through to Killergram, remember you’ll only see it if you are in the European Union.

Roxi Monique getting fucked

Roxi takes the cock

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Female Ebony Body Builder Mistress Treasure

If you thought you were the type of person that admired black women and their physiques then you will turn to jelly, kneel down and worship the ebony powerhouse that is Mistress Treasure. She is a female body builder, femme domme, muscle worship woman with a body to make you drool. She travels the world teaching men how lame and useless they really are. She also recently won the heavyweight category at the national body building championships in Florida. Check out the ass and tits, imagine wrestling naked with her covered in oil as she gets you into a headlock with her mighty ebony thighs, a headlock that you are unable to escape from, one that you really don’t want to escape from. You realise that you want to fulfill or explore an ebony fetish or black fantasy, and to serve a black dominant female. One look at Mistress Treasure and you will see she is not your typical black female domme. She loves being sexy and flaunting her body. Be under no illusions she can and will turn you into her slave… It’s just a matter of how she goes about it. If you want to enter an area that you may not escape from then

Mistress Treasure

Ebony Female Bodybuilder


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Cuban Booty Model Katia De Lys

I certainly would like to try and eat the ass of Katia De Lys. Each time I see a hot booty I want to grab it and sink my teeth into it. Katia’s ass is a nice round bubble shape. It’s not a massive booty like you see on some ebony girls but it’s just the right size to get a cheek in each hand, spread her open and stick your tongue right in there. I love to watch Katia get fucked. Particularly in her latest movie that you can see over at Ebony Ass. Here she is a tutor in a classroom trying to maintain order amongst her college students. However there is one cheeky monkey that she catches reading a porno mag and before long Katia decides that it’s time he had a practical lesson in fucking. She teases him with her round Cuban bubble butt and before long they are at it like rabbits on the classroom floor. The movie culminates with a lovely cum shot as Katia rubs his cum all over her left breast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED KATIA DE LYS MOVIE

Katia De Lys College Fuck

Katia De Lys

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Ebony Pornstar Lori Alexia Murdered

I feel bad writing this so late, two years late infact. But we’ve featured Lori Alexia on our website for about the last 5 years and I only just found out that she was murdered in 2011 by her scumbag, so called “boyfriend” Woody Borgella. Well we never said this was an impartial porn blog so fuck you Woody Borgella. I hope you never get released, but if you do you’ll be about 80 with no dick and a sore ass. Just think of that 50 years you lost out on fucking hot booty. Anyway I’ve wasted enough words on that piece of shit. I’ve been involved in adult for 15 years and while I didn’t know Lori or ever met her it’s always shocking when you get news like this. Lori was also known as Penna Piererra, after she left the adult world to pursue a music career. Originating from Barbados she was born on March 2nd 1980 and sadly passed away on September 19th 2011. RIP Lori, you were hot in adult and hotter outside of it.

Lori Alexia

Lori Alexia

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