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Big Natural Latina Tits Oily Tit Wank

When I was 18 I was friends with a neighbour of mine who lived across the road from me. His mother was very kind to me. I seriously had the horn for her as she was mixed race and had massive natural tits. About 3 years later when I was 21 and going into the local hospital to get a yearly checkup, I was surprised to see that my new doctor was this woman. The appointment went on like a normal visit until she asked me to remove my shirt. Once I removed my shirt I saw that she was checking me out. The fact that I had known her for so long and knew that she saw me as attractive gave me a hard on as well. When she felt my back and stomach, her hands were soft and warm. She then asked me to take off my trousers down to my boxers. I did so and was able to keep my cock down for the time being. She then asked me if I would remove my boxers so that she could check my cock and balls for problems. I did so and as she turned around to grab something, she accidentally dropped whatever she was grabbing and bent over.
She had wonderful big hips and a nice plump bum. I stared into it and couldn’t help myself, I got a raging erection and was now waiting to see what was going to happen when she turned around. She turned around, looked at my cock, smiled then said “So let’s check you out” she grabbed my shaft and began massaging my ball sack. Right when I was about to shoot my load she stopped, took off her shirt and bra revealing two big juicy double FF latina breasts. They were so tanned and her nipples sticking out so hard and erect. She then said to me “I always thought you were hot, now show me what I was waiting for all these years” With that I grasped her large hips, picked her up, pushed her against the examination table, pulled off her knickers revealing a fat juicy smooth shaven cunt. I stuck my cock up against her clit and she began to moan. I then went inside her and fucked her till she came. After that, she got up and pushed me onto the table onto my back and hopped on top of me. She jumped up and down on my dick, her massive tits, and belly bouncing up and down.
Then after I came inside her a second time, she told me to fuck her in her ass, I pushed her on her stomach, pushed her face into the table and fucked her furiously, then when she knew I was close she told me to put it in her mouth. She sat up held out her mouth like a bitch waiting for it’s treat and I came so hard in her mouth. She gargled the cum in her mouth then spat it onto her hand and licked it up, then with one big gulp she swallowed all of my cum. After that we both got dressed, she told me everything was ok and also told me to come back anytime if I feel ill.


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Best Latina Booty Shaking Video

Let me start by telling you how much I love the Latina female. I feel the most primal urges everytime I see a curvaceous round booty walking down the street or shaking itself on a video site, I swear I lose control. They have the tastiest complexions, from milky white, to dulce de leche caramel, to milk chocolate brown with the enticing Spanish accent to top it off.

Not to mention the fact that my first time eating pussy, it was with a juicy Colombian girlfriend of mine who squirted the sweetest juices heavily in my mouth to enjoy, so I’ve always assumed Spanish girls pussy just taste so good.

This girl was shaking her booty at me in her tight short jeans, I sidled over to her and slowly started pulling her shorts down, moving down her body to the music until I was on my knees and she was shaking her bare ass in my face and rubbing her smooth pussy onto my out stretched tongue.


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Naked Ebony Sports Girl Spreads Pussy Wide

One of our guys in Zurich tipped us off this summer about a new black girl he’d seen dancing in one of the night clubs in downtown Zurich. So we wasted no time in flying over and checking out African Alexis. She’s from Mozambique and was in Zurich earning good money stripping and escorting. Back home in Africa though she is actually a fully trained female boxer. She visits the gym every day and goes through a strenuous routine that really stretches her black African muscles and the sweat just pours down her smooth black skin, running over her erect ebony nipples and cascading down to her black butt cheeks finally dripping onto her ebony ass hole. Completely smoothly shaven down below, when African Alexis works out she becomes a glistening ebony mirage of sweat. After a lovely cooling down shower she posed for a great set of images which you can see on Ebony Ass.

Ebony Sporty Girl Naked

Naked Black Sports Girl


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Lulu Sex Bomb Big Tits Thai Babe

What image does the name Lulu Sex Bomb bring to mind ? Do you think of a curvy oriental hottie babe with big tits ? Well funnily enough that’s exactly what Lulu Sex Bomb is. Here at Urban Ass we love all exotic women but we’re also fans of big tits which is not a trait often found amongst the Asian Babes, for example Lyka Lopez. However Lulu solves that problem, she has the most amazing round, firm 32DD tits and is in fact 32DD-23-31. You might also find it hard to believe that this Thai beauty is also 30 years old. She has her own website packed with hundreds of stunning photos and galleries, here is a really sexy sample gallery.
Take a look at the movie clip below where she tit fucks a knob in a tractor (no, not the driver LOL) Then click here to visit her really nicely designed website.

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Ebony Actress Coco Brown First Porn Astronaut

Former ebony porn actress Coco Brown, also known as Honey Love is due to reach new heights in 2015 as she becomes the worlds first porn star astronaut. Having retired from porn over 10 years ago Coco moved to Germany with her then husband to further her music career. But is now training with Space Expedition Corp.

She hopes to be orbiting the earth in 2015 at a personal cost of $100,000. You can see in the Youtube clip below as she experiences zero gravity. It does make you wonder if she was to combine her former career with this experience and film the first porno scene in space. Not to mention the number of corny titles the movie could have, something involving re-entry maybe or “black holes”.


Coco Brown

Ebony Porn Astronaut

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Amber Fox Rocks Mens Cocks

Excuse the rhyming title but I went a little crazy after seeing the awesome Amber Fox. This black centerfold model is perfection personified. She is a perfect example of why we worship black women here. Big black natural tits, beautifully shaped and still maintaining their firmness. Fantastic black booty that you just want to sink your teeth into and finally a big pair of lipsticked pouty ebony cock sucking lips. Amber Fox was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 18th 1983. She sports a mouth watering 36DD-24-34 ebony glamour model figure.

Amber has been featured in almost every major mens magazine, notably, King Magazine, Black Men’s, Smooth Magazine, Show Magazine, and she’s done the cover and a feature for Hush Magazine. She has also worked numerous times with Playboy TV (can Hugh get any luckier ?) and has been featured on playboy.com. She ran her own modeling company called FoxDen Talent. One of the websites she has appeared on is Action Girls. This is an incredible site full of busty and bootyful ladies running around half naked in action scenarios, like you’d see at the movies.

Busty Black Amber Fox

Amber Fox Big Tits


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