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Tashie Jackson Sex Tape

Tashie Jackson is a hip hop video dancer and glamour model from the UK. She appeared in the British version of Big Brother in 2011 and was one of the first housemates to be evicted. She currently engages in sexy phone chat on the Babestation TV show. As you can see from the photo here she does have one of the most incredible backsides we’ve ever seen.

Tashie Jackson is quite petite standing at 5′ 5″ and her tight little peachy ass is just waiting to be fucked. Talking of fucking Tashie Jackson, a little while ago a sex video filmed on a mobile phone appeared. It showed Tashie having sex with her then boyfriend, full bareback penetration and cock sucking. It was a very sexy movie although not particularly well shot.

Tashie Jackson

Tashie Jackson



For sure, that is one fine hot ass there.

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